WeHellas Beta Patch contains:
All Greek Superleague Team with corrrect rosters, emblems and Kits
Correct Emblem and Kits for all teams of English Barclays Premier League, Italian Cerie A and Spanish Liga BBVA
Correct logos for all Championships and Cups in the game
Created stadiums from in-game editor (all Greek Superleague + “Apostolos Nicolaides” και “Nicos Goumas” and Stamford Bridge, Emirates και Anfield)
Chant’s for all Greek Superleague’s Teams
Chant’s for the biggest Europian Clubs
Soundtrack (Music Tracks that you can insert them from the Game’s Menu)
And many other small details, that make the game even more realistic (Such as correct Shoes for many Superleague’s Players and Adidas tech-fit Kits for players using it in reality)
Names of Greek Superleague’s Team written in Greek !
Callnames for Superleague’s Teams


You must unzip the PS3 folder and put it in the root of your usb, then put the usb go to your PS3 GAME / SAVED DATA UTILITY see the usb and you copy ALL the files one by one, if requested replacement press “Yes”. In menu may be prompted again change (Option File) where you press (No) will be in case you open the ps3 to open psn
Directions to Chant’s and Music
1) Download files from the Internet
2) you will extract (unzip) to the desktop
3) you will see the folder that has music songs in this folder as you go is in your usb. On file with the slogans will see folders for each group and will take it as per (envelope and group), or which team you want and to spend the same usb passed and the music.
4) Put the usb sto ps3 press Triangle and Display All Music tab
5) After you do all the files copy (at least there is) or you want
6) You will then create a playlist called KONAMI_PES (WITHOUT spaces)
7) You will go where you want slogans
8) After you put the slogans going to PES 2011 Edit / Team / selected group / Chant’s and then put it where you have 7 choices So that means 7 different slogans 2 if we exclude options, pick where you want to put it and you’re ready
9) Finally
* The patch is only compatible with BLES 01022 and the update of KONAMI 1.02 and 2.00 * Data Package

Download Patch:



– Removes all Austria was in the game and restore the old groups
– Fixed the problem with shirt Xanthi
– Includes kits for teams Football League (only the shirts or signs or statistical)
– Includes transfers made so far (eg Cassano to Milan, Olympiakos Maniatis et al)

The files you install them the same way as the BETA PATCH

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AMTJ05VF

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